Who we are

Well let us be honest…. At the moment we is just me.  Hopefully over time, you’ll like the products and the me will become a we.  I’ve lived on Isla Mujeres full time since December 2001 but had been visiting the island for many years before taking the leap to living here.  My parents say that on our first trip I told them I would live on some day.  I guess I knew from day one. Read below for more of the story.

The story

The idea behind this shop

When I decided to move to Isla, I created one of the first websites to help travelers be educated and to create on online community for anyone who loves the island. Around 2008 I had the idea to create an online shop for anyone who did not pick up all their Isla merch or couldn’t lug it all back. I bought this domain with big ideas but after learning about the fulfillment process and the inventory that would be needed to maintain the shop it became clear I was not ready for that big of a step. 

Enter COVID-19

Fast forward to 2020 when the island closed off tourism in response to the pandemic, we all had a sudden loss of income and a surplus of time.  I decided to utilize my time exploring hobbies that had been on the shelf (literally).  My drone was the perfect companion that allowed me to be nerdy, creative, and socially distant.  I started posting drone shots that I was taking and was amazed at the response I was getting.  Especially the requests for prints of my shots.

IslaMujeresStuff.com is born

I started looking online to find a company that could take orders and print my drone shots as people requested them.  In the process, I learned that the print on demand industry had developed significantly.  I did a lot of research to find the best company out there and set to work learning about professional photo editing and building this website. 

I first started first selling the art prints that I took with my drone before and during the quarantine.  Recently I  added products to complement my whale shark business.  I hope as time goes on I’ll be adding lots of other great products was well. I hope you like what I am doing!

Thank you!